About the Information Design Capstone

Envision.id is the Systems Thinking and Changemaking capstone project developed by senior Information Design students. Previously known as Humanly, our Info Design capstone project is all about making complex issues more visible and visual; helping people form a clear idea of the interconnected systems that impact their lives. 

Our Goal

Our projects feature a systems-level understanding of specific issues that we’re contending with locally, within the framework of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Over the course of the Fall semester, we each take on the local manifestation of a messy, ambiguous, complex challenge–also known as a wicked problem–and unravel it, visualizing how elements of systems connect to and influence each other to perpetuate the challenge.


We want to illuminate the important stories within these systems, finding clarity in complexity, and making ‘impossible’ challenges feel a little more approachable.


Our hope is that these projects prompt you to think about the systems that you’re a part of as well as the role you might play within each of these challenges. 

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