support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of healthcare professionals?

UN GOAL # 3 - Good Health & Well-being

aja deren

Medical professionals experience high levels of work stress even under normal circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic places additional pressure on the healthcare system, research shows that such pressure brings a greater risk of psychological distress. Many healthcare professionals are reluctant to disclose mental health difficulties or seek help for them, with stigma an often-cited reason. The excessive and prolonged stress stemming from higher workloads, increased responsibility and safety risks has led to physical and emotional burnout in medical professionals. 


This system map identifies compounding factors that contribute to the state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion medical professionals are experiencing. 


Healthcare workers are supposed to be taking care of us, but we rarely think about who is taking care of them. By mapping the system of crisis, we can identify areas of possible leverage points on where we can best support the mental health and wellbeing of healthcare workers.

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