Goal 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities
Allison Boudreau & Julianna Procyshen  
How Might We...
utilize unused spaces to enhance the creative economy for Calgarians?


Our systems map demonstrates placemaking and how it promotes positive communities through planning, design and management of space. Through utilization of placemaking, we can elevate an inactive space into one that supports the culture of a community. Beneath the surface of a public space, there is a deep-rooted connection to the community's core values.


Unused spaces can happen for many reasons, typically resulting from lack of urban planning, urban sprawl and infrastructure or spaces not meeting the needs of people. More often than not, underutilized public spaces become run down and have higher crime rates. Moving from left to right on the systems map, viewers can understand what factors contribute to a successful and engaging public space. The map depicts the various relationships between elements and how these relationships support the creative economy, including both a system and a process.

Allison Boudreau
To me, the concept of repurposing existing spaces means growth and sustainability. The intent of my project is to showcase that underutilized spaces in Calgary can actually be a hub for creativity and can regenerate public engagement.
Julianna Procyshen
My topic is based around the UN goal of sustainable cities and communities. I’ve chosen to research the unused spaces in downtown Calgary, and I’m looking forward to exploring ways that we can make these spaces more engaging, creative and inspiring to boost our creative economy.