Goal 14: Life Below Water

Amanda Derksen


... educate individuals on how to better sustain the trout population in Alberta?

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People tend to use angling as a way to unwind; however, in Alberta there is no mandatory education about the elements of fishing before purchasing a license. The ignorance of anglers, and various other groups, greatly affects the ecosystem for fish, surrounding animals and humans. In particular, the sustainability of trout goes past visible actions and destruction of the environment to the cumulative effects of seemingly unrelated actions in the ecosystem. For example, deforestation and the relocation of animals leads to flooding. An appropriately aggregated list of practices is not currently accessible which makes sustainable angling difficult unless individuals have “teachers” to provide the information to them.

The interconnectedness of the surrounding environment with both biological factors and human factors can accumulate in a short period of time and leave the fish unable to adapt.