support university students to avoid burnout in their educational careers?

UN GOAL # 3 - good health & well-being

amanda lu

The pandemic has brought a rise in burnout awareness to different areas of society. For students, the changes to personal, financial, and educational situations are critical factors in the added stress and strains to mental health.


This system map provides insight into the major causes and impacts that contribute to the burnout of university students. The increase of pressure and stressors on students has been studied throughout all levels of education, both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. For students that faced mental health issues prior to the pandemic, the added stressors from COVID-19 may be why burnout is increasingly more common.


The interest in exploring this topic came from the word “burnout” and how burnout differed from other mental health areas with similar symptoms. Through this research, the understanding is that student burnout is a result of many compounding issues stemming from much larger systems.


Student burnout is a large and complex issue with no single solution.

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