Goal 13: Climate Action

Anastacia Jido

How Might We

... understand and break through the psychological barriers that prevent society from understanding the seriousness of climate change?



How can you help solve climate change? Many people are not aware of the effect that they could have on preventing climate change. Though this is occasionally due to a disbelief that climate change is a real problem, it is more commonly rooted from a sense of denial that one’s individual impacts would make a difference.

Climate change experts have noted that there are several psychological barriers that come into effect to block climate change messaging. Previous methods of messaging such as posters, graphic images, facts about the future state of the world, and many others are unable to break through these barriers. New methods of messaging need to be used in order to break through these psychological barriers. As society evolves, the messaging for major problems like climate change needs to as well. Denial is no longer an option.