Goal 13: Climate Action

Andrew Simon

How Might We...

understand how misinformation functions to proactively combat climate change?


Information today runs rampant, which allows for misinformation and assumed knowledge to directly contend with factual science and research. 


When discussing climate change, there exists no easy answer that can provide a sense of control, certainty or individual agency to individuals within society. This has led to a large ideological divide where each side rallies behind what they believe is right and harshly debates the other. This loops back into a system of individual discourse and the blurring of assumed knowledge and factual evidence -- further inspiring the divide of a society. Breaking the divide requires an honest, objective discussion where parties involved empathize with other experiences and understandings of life. With proactiveness in education, there could exist collective activism and a fruitful discussion of solutions to systemic problems and the eventual combating of climate change.


Andrew Simon

Information today runs rampant across all platforms - overloading societies with input and blurring truths within information and largely within climate change. For my project, I’m exploring misinformation, how it happens and how some would suggest information may no longer be relevant.