Goal 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities

Brett Robertshaw

How Might We

... increase public engagement and consultation to improve unused public spaces in a way that’s inclusive of all Calgarians?



There are many reasons a space may become vacant and unused crime, litter, accessibility, traffic problems, poor lighting and many more factors can contribute to the lack of comfort that people feel when using a public space. Community residents are often the people who experience these spaces on a daily basis and therefore have the best insight into what strengths and weaknesses a space has. However, resident consultation may be ignored when municipal governments decide to improve a space using a top-down approach, or residents may simply not know they have a voice in the process.

To properly address the needs and values of a community and create a space that reflects these elements, it is important that transformative projects are led by residents at the ground level. But how do we get more residents involved in the placemaking process?