Goal 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth

Bryce Kezama

How Might We...

discern the impacts of technological displacement on how we work?


Ever since the Industrial Revolution, technology has had an increasing effect on the way we work.


As technology has become more advanced, it has displaced human workers. With the implementation of newer digital technologies, humanity now faces displacement on an unprecedented level as more complex technologies are utilized in more creative and widespread ways. Understanding how this displacement will affect our working lives is difficult to predict because technology rapidly evolves in unexpected ways. Examining humanity’s history of implementation, however, shows us a pattern; this pattern allows us to reasonably assume that our systems around work and education will need to expand to ensure that people can remain employed and continue to provide for themselves.

Bryce Kezama

I’m working on this topic because it touches base with elements of my life. I worked many different types of jobs before joining the Information Design program at MRU, and digital disruption was always an encroaching presence looming just out of sight. With the realities of digital disruption becoming ever more present, I want to focus on demonstrating ways in which the future will be impacted.