better prepare graduates / freelancers for the gig economy?

UN GOAL # 8 - decent work & economic growth

brynn lacey

With the major shift in work culture and the rise of the gig economy, it is important to ask whether or not universities are preparing students for a viable career path. Is the current system giving students the necessary skills and experiences to successfully enter the gig economy? As of now, there is room for improvement as universities opt for traditional methods of educating, leaving gaps in students’ learning experience. Especially with new avenues for remote work and freelance, upskilling and reskilling have become necessary tools.


In order to better prepare students, universities should deliver a more well-rounded educational journey. By building an understanding of what works in the modern gig, universities can better develop systems and processes that help students leave post-secondary feeling confident. Tackling this problem can also help future generations transition into the workforce more smoothly by providing students an educational experience that enhances the necessary skills for thriving in the gig economy.