Goal 3: Good Health & Well-being

Cassandra Morrisey


... explore the benefits of art as a therapeutic means of dealing with situations affecting mental, physical and emotional well-being of young adults?

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Society tends to view STEM fields as more important than art and as a result, art therapy can be seen as an inadequate solution when compared to traditional therapies. Art therapy challenges individuals to express themselves through art. However, change is never easy; developing and using old habits or coping mechanisms to alleviate stress, worry or pain is difficult to detach from. There is a solution through art that can be beneficial for the different aspects of life affecting an individual’s mental, physical or emotional well-being.

Art therapy is not often thought of as a useful strategy but is something many individuals turn to without knowing it. It allows freedom of expression and exploration of different mediums, such as journaling, painting, sculpture, or sketching, which are all forms of art therapy.