Goal 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth
Chelsea Gale-Tannahill
How Might We...
create a sustainable economic atmosphere for careers in the arts? 

Promoting sustainable careers in the arts is important to me because there are a lot of students coming out of post-secondary with an arts degree.    Since there are so many factors that make it difficult to make a career in this field, it’s very hard for new graduates to find and keep jobs. This systems map shows the social effects of creative industries and the external factors that affect the industry. The teal circle shows the benefits of creative industries. As you move towards the outside of the circle, you can see that the main factors within the arts industry are the client, the audience and the arts worker. Outside of the circle are the four contributing factors to the stability of the industry.
Chelsea Gale-Tannahill

I've been working as a dancer and teacher for four years now. It’s always been difficult finding consistent work, and I know many other dancers and artists feel the same way. The arts are very important to emotional and physical well-being, and in order to keep the arts accessible to people, careers in the field need to be more sustainable.