Goal 15: Life On Land

Courtney Clarkson


... empower the public to coexist with urban coyotes?

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Urban wildlife management is more than changing the behaviours of wildlife; it requires us to change our own behaviours to better coexist with our wild neighbours. Coyotes have existed in Alberta for thousands of years, but the development of urban spaces has created a new biome where this species has thrived. As a result, there has been an increase in human-coyote interactions in our cities as both species attempt to meet their own needs in this space.

The balance of the urban ecosystem relies on coyotes, and they cannot be removed from our cities. Instead, we must shift the mindset around sharing our cities with wildlife and recognize the natural environment urban areas exist within. By approaching wildlife management with the goal to coexist, human behaviours that create problematic relationships with coyotes can be changed to support a healthy ecosystem within urban areas.