SDG12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Understanding the environmental impacts of food waste in Alberta and how lack of education impacts our food system overall.

Dania Johnson & Melani Blazun

Individual Video Interviews

Groups got a chance to answer a few questions about their topic and the exhibition. 

Visualizing the Problem

Falling under the UN’s 12th Sustainable Development Goal of ‘Responsible Consumption and Production, food waste is an important issue both locally and globally for several reasons, including significant environmental impact. In an effort to maximize output/economic growth, satisfy consumer demand, and maintain low food costs, food loss and food waste have generally been ignored. This becomes a problem when the population lacks an understanding of food loss and waste and continues with their daily practices that contribute to the issue. How would increased knowledge around things like best-before dates, along with changes to individual behaviours like food storage practices, improve sustainability and mitigate the environmental impact in various stages of the food system such as reducing organic waste as well as energy, water and emissions for food production and transportation?