Goal 12: Responsible Consumption & Production
Danzel Carrasco
How Might We...
reduce household red meat consumption?

Throughout most of the world, meat has become more than food: it’s become an expression of culture, identity and prosperity.   With the rise in sustainability awareness, and the subsequent rise in protein alternatives, red meat has come under closer scrutiny. We live in a province that is a key player in the meat industry; Alberta prides itself on its beef. However, what is the real “cost” of this meat habit? And, who (or what) actually keeps meat on our plate? Understanding the motivations of those involved, from large corporations to those close to us, can help us become more informed consumers. We can begin to rethink diet, address it with an awareness of all the different factors and issues at play and make a step towards adopting mindful lifestyles that support a sustainable future.  
Danzel Carrasco

Eating meat has always been a big part of my culture. As I’ve started to learn more about how vegetarian and vegan meals can be delicious, I’ve begun to wonder if there’s a way to follow a plant-based diet while still enjoying the meals important to my culture. With my research, I want to encourage others to rethink what they eat and to consider plant-based eating as one component of living more sustainably.