Goal 4: Quality Education

Eman Elkadri & Erica Loh


... educate young adults on the importance and application of soft skill development in order to adapt to future work environments?



Two types of skill sets exist in the employment landscape-hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are technical skills which are the main focus of the education system today. Soft skills are communication and interpersonal skills that are not awarded the same focus. This has been an acceptable education process since the beginning of standardized education; however, work environments are changing.

Today, there is a need for education that blends both hard and soft skill development to help prepare students for adaptability in the constantly changing employment landscape. Responding to this need within the education of young adults in Alberta involves a restructuring of the system in which they are taught. The importance of soft skill development must be a recognized and integrated practice to keep ahead of the technology that is shaping new work environments today.