Goal 3: Good Health & Well-being

Emily Allen & Raquel Chamberlain


... minimize the effects of seasonal affective disorder in order to maintain good mental health and well-being?



Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a problem that is prevalent in Alberta and much of the Northern Hemisphere, which has decreased levels of sunlight, on average, throughout the year. SAD is categorized as a subset of depression and is most often experienced during the winter months when people are less likely to receive sufficient amounts of sunlight. Many people suffer from SAD every year, and it is a problem for Calgarians in particular due to long and harsh winters.

There are no permanent or long term cures for SAD sufferers. It is within interest to navigate this area of research and discover ways to fill in the gaps within the treatment of this disorder with natural, effective and long-term treatments, combined with a warm community and a positive outlook on depressive disorders like SAD.