Emma Panter


Understanding the escalating housing crisis in Calgary including the barriers to creating enough subsidized housing and the impact of rising prices on people who need the most support.

Visualizing the Problem

Housing prices have been rising in and around Calgary over the last few years, resulting in the term “housing crisis” becoming a popular conversation in the media. Calgarians are far too familiar with rent increases, resulting in the basic necessity of shelter being difficult to afford and secure. This shortage of housing in the market is a crucial element in the rising prices of housing, as the disproportionate amount of people in need compared to units available results in the creation of an infinitely competitive market. A course of action to take into consideration is applying for subsidized housing, but the creation of subsidized housing is not without its own challenges in Calgary’s current market. There is simply not enough subsidized housing to support Calgarians who require it most. In tackling this housing challenge effectively, it’s critical to prioritize overcoming the complex barriers in creating subsidized housing. This step is essential before producing the necessary amount of affordable housing Calgary urgently needs.