eliminate mental health problems caused by isolation during the covid-19 pandemic in canada?

UN GOAL # 3 - good health & well-being

gabrielle vizcarra

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the Canadian government to place the entire country on a strict lockdown to reduce the spread of the virus. With this, Canadians of all ages have been forced to live in isolation away from their peers, colleagues and loved ones. This has caused concerns and struggles relating to mental health. In addition, Canadians are burdened by the uncertainty of what the world will look like post-pandemic.

This system map outlines how isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic affects the mental health of Canadians. Additionally, the framework depicts how the underlying factors of these existing barriers are dispersed into various aspects of the community. While there are a number of mental health resources available for Canadians during these difficult times, there is still a need for action to minimize and eliminate the mental health struggles. One of those leverage points identified is the efficient distribution of funding and the increased accessibility and availability of mental health and wellness resources for all Canadians.