Gender Equality

Samar Abdallah

How might we increase the awareness of women being abused in society?

Women abuse occurs when a person uses physical violence, threats, emotional abuse and sexual abuse against a woman to control her. Each situation is different. Yet, all abusers use similar ways to get what they want and keep power and control over the woman.

There are many agencies and initiatives trying to increase the awareness of women abuse. If the abuse has happened more than once or twice, it is extremely likely to happen again. The abuse gets worse over time, increasing in both frequency and severity. It’s common for the abuse to develop into a pattern or cycle of abuse.

Increasing awareness on women abuse will educate community members about the prevalence of abuse, encourage people to take action to end abuse and alert those women of the options and resources that are available to them.



Piper Goodfellow

How might we help support vulnerable women in obtaining paid work opportunities in

A lack of self-confidence, awareness of resources, social connections and relevant employable skills, mean that women who are new to Calgary are up against significant barriers when it comes to entering the workforce.

If a woman is aware of her support options and where to find community, that is a huge first step. Calgary has a wide variety of resources for women to use to increase the chance of finding a job– unfortunately, it’s only when a woman is fully aware of these available resources that she is able to take action. In many cases there are added difficulties of having to acquire child-minding services and develop an encouraging support network. Should more emphasis be placed on developing affordable childcare options and sustainable mentorship programs, more women might be seen entering the workforce.