Grace Murray

Rahaf Hakimeh

Investigating the impact of rising post-secondary and living costs on students' mental health and their ability to be successful in school.

Visualizing the Problem

The increasing cost of post-secondary tuition along with the simultaneous rise in the cost of living in Canada has resulted in severe impacts on the mental health of students.

As tuition costs steadily increase, students frequently encounter the challenge of balancing financial burdens and stressful academic expectations during their time at post-secondary institutions. Additionally, the escalating cost of living and heavy implications of student loans, along with students feeling obligated to juggle part-time jobs alongside their learning, adds to the strain on students’ mental well-being. Students live varied lives, typically influenced by family backgrounds, personal situations, and academic responsibilities. Regardless of personal distinctions, a common challenge connects them – the struggle with financial-induced mental stress. Despite the growing concern, little-to-no support is offered from post-secondary institutions, leaving students to struggle financially and mentally. The demands of financial pressures are causing significant stress and challenging the maintenance of healthy mental well-being during this significant academic phase in young adults’ lives.