improve urban placemaking to better interconnect downtown Calgary for future generations?

UN GOAL # 11 - Sustainable cities & communities

jasmeen kalsi

Downtown Calgary stands as a white-collar business realm that fragments public activity opportunities between mass office buildings. Public realms now rely on inconsistent pedestrian traffic, which is further exacerbated through unsafe traveling conditions that discourage exploration between public spaces. This stems from a lack of diverse collaboration from placemaking experts, community leaders, the public, and other stakeholders. Our current downtown is unable to provide safe access to daily needs such as housing, workspaces and community engagement. 


This system map visualizes harsh transitions between highly active public spaces and static business streets that exist within downtown Calgary. “Placemaking” aims to strengthen connections between human activity and the built environment; street space is an aspect of this to focus on the composition of roads, bike paths, sidewalks, buildings and green spaces. The system map’s framework calls on the reconstruction of city streetscapes using compact, multi-functional spaces and a co-creative network of stakeholders to interconnect passive and active public realm opportunities. This includes safe traveling methods to curate seamless public space transitions.