achieve menstrual equity?

UN GOAL # 3 - good health & well-being

jori kellow

The word “period” is a word that is usually whispered. 800 million women – and any transgender and nonbinary people who menstruate – worldwide get a period every month for around 40 years of their life. Yet there is still a tremendous amount of stigma surrounding words like “period”, “tampon”, and “pad”. Instead, people who menstruate feel inclined to hide the fact that they have their period, using euphemisms like “that time of the month”, “shark week”, or “aunt flow”. In low and middle-income countries, people who menstruate have to manage their period while not having access to clean water, sanitation facilities, or a proper way to dispose of used products. This can lead to other health problems like infections and cause young adolescents to miss days or weeks of school because there aren’t the necessary sanitation and hygiene facilities.