Kaisey Deloso

Reudette Reyes

Unravelling the 'model minority myth' and its' impact on Asian communities, including the hidden barriers, psychological, and sociocultural effects.

Visualizing the Problem

The model minority myth is a widespread stereotype that places all Asian individuals on a pedestal of success in Western society. This stereotype suggests that Asians, as the model minority, neither need assistance nor face discrimination. But what happens when individuals do not conform to these societal expectations? It often results in feelings of alienation and isolation by those involved. In challenging this discourse within the status quo, it is paramount to uncover the hidden barriers to the experiences of marginalized communities.


This project aims to delve deeper into the complex systems and factors that sustain the model minority myth and its implications for Asian individuals and communities in Alberta. Key components include the psychological effect on individuals, the sociocultural impact on family dynamics and community engagement, as well as the role of government power structures in perpetuating this myth. Using an empathetic approach, the goal is to enhance awareness about these issues by rectifying misconceptions and advocating for essential social and policy changes; ultimately, fostering a society that is more inclusive and equitable to all.