SDG12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Exploring the relationship between barriers that influence businesses and consumers in relation to sustainable practices.

Kaitlin Laine

Individual Video Interviews

Groups got a chance to answer a few questions about their topic and the exhibition. 

Visualizing the Problem

As a consequence of living in an already unsustainable society, there are a multitude of contributing barriers that influence businesses and consumers related to environmental sustainability. Some include psychological, structural, financial and communication. The interconnections between these make this challenge hard to overcome, because barriers affect and contribute to others, creating a system of obstacles to achieving sustainability. The lack of communication around the education of sustainability, and practices, for consumers and businesses, is one area that connects and influences multiple other barriers within the system, such as behaviours. It is hard to overcome behaviours and mindsets, as people need to be educated on the impact their actions have on the environment, then see a value in changing their ways. Moving towards, and developing for, a more environmentally sustainable society is inevitable. By understanding the different factors and their relationships in systems that prevent businesses and consumers from becoming sustainable, we can then start to work towards changing for a liveable and better future.