Goal 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth
Katie MacLaren & Katy Gianakoulas
How Might We...
reduce barriers that youth face in finding employment in Calgary?

We explored how youth, aged 14-24, navigate and interact with Calgary’s economic environment.    Through desk research and subject matter expert interviews, we’ve discovered that this is a complex issue with many overlapping barriers. When creating our systems map, we realized the importance of looking at this issue from two sides: the side of youth and the side of employers. We’ve highlighted four barriers to youths finding employment in Calgary that frequently appeared in our research. We’ve also looked at each barrier from the perspective of youths and employers to draw connections and indicate causal behaviors within each barrier.
Katie MacLaren

Being employed greatly affects a person’s quality of life because employment determines income. Looking into the topic of youth employment is very interesting because it involves young people’s introduction to the job market. I plan to explore the different employment barriers that affect Calgary’s youth while understanding that each journey is different.

Katy Gianakoulas

I find it interesting that youth are having such a hard time finding employment despite having a high school diploma or higher education. Analyzing the barriers and understanding why youth are struggling is a step towards finding solutions to this problem.