Goal 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities

Katie Yarn

How Might We

... improve transportation accessibility in the city for people with physical challenges?

Katie Y


I’m very reliant on my two feet to travel; I love walking, running, cycling and driving. Transportation is quite easy for me but that’s not the case for everyone.

I became very aware of the challenges that people with physical impairments may have when traveling when my sister had a baby. Trying to navigate the city with a stroller became her number one challenge. At times, she needed another set of hands to help her. Stairs, narrow doorways and steps are common obstacles people with physical impairments have to face.

So what is it like for people with physical impairments to navigate the city? People who don’t have an extra set of hands, people who might not have access to a car or a chauffeur or people who need a little extra assistance. Are they getting the assistance they need when traveling? How can we improve this experience?