Goal 15: Life On Land

Kristel Pena

How Might We

... implement a better system that eliminates the need for any adoptable animals in Calgary to be euthanized?



The latest trend of “Adopt, Don’t Shop” helped to increase the rate of animal adoptions and lessen the rate of euthanasia over the past years. Yet problems can arise due to different circumstances after pet owners adopt their pets, and that may lead to having to surrender their pet or put their pet down. Most of the common problems that pet owners face are the cost of medical issues, changes in lifestyle, landlord restrictions, and animal behavioral issues.

Along with animal rescue shelters, the City of Calgary provides different programs and services to help animals, pet owners and breeders to prolong the lives of animals in Calgary. There is an opportunity to resolve some of these issues with more awareness of the resources that are available to Calgarians.