Goal 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities

Kurtis Schaetzle

How Might We

... clarify food quality labels such as best before dates to be more accurate and useful for consumers?



Food waste is a problem that affects the entire world. In Canada, $31 billion worth of food is squandered every year. Edible food is lost at all stages of the food life cycle, from over-planting food, damage during transport, menu changes, and food expiry.

Food waste can occur at any point of the food’s life cycle, from harvesting on the farm to storage at a consumer’s household. In fact the largest percentage of food waste comes from consumers as they account for 47% of all perished food in Canada. This percentage is over double the next highest waste contributer which are production facilities who are accountable for 20% of all food waste. The primary reason for consumer’s high amount of discarded food is food expiry which can be attributed to the lack of usefulness and accuracy of food quality labels like the best-before date.