Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, & Infrastructure

Kyna Ceschini & Phoebe Davis

How Might We

... support a sustainable creative class in Calgary?



In 2016, the price of oil hit its lowest selling price since 2008. This loss in Calgary’s largest revenue generating industry resulted in a doubled rate of unemployment and a call for a diversified economy. This instability and the emergence of technology hubs and new industries in other cities prompted talented and skilled Calgarians to pursue new opportunities.

This migration is referred to as ‘brain drain’ which limits the development of Calgary’s creative class – a socioeconomic group that engages in complex problem solving and values quality of place. In Calgary, many locally-grown businesses and professionals are relocating, which limits the likelihood of future opportunities and innovation that attract the creative class. However, the city is positioned to intervene through municipal programs, development, and business support.