Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, & Infrastructure

Lauren Piwek

How Might We

... better support local engagement in innovative and creative outlets within Calgary’s social framework?

Lauren P


About a half a century ago, urbanist researcher Jane Jacobs emphasized the relationship between the place, as physical form, and the web of collective population. Through studying urban spaces from the perspective of the individual, Jacobs’ developed the concept of urban-diversity. And, by comparing biological diversity to urban diversity, Jacobs defi ned that it is, in fact, the people and the communities that make a city’s ecology thrive.

Urban diversity is evident in multiple levels of a city’s composition: individual perspective and experience, community engagement, and cultural association. A city’s local culture is dynamic, not static, and therefore, change and development require both protection and conservation. Calgary is currently in a unique opportunity for growth and development of its actual urban diversity through maximizing interaction and interchange in all levels of community relationships.