Goal 5: Gender Equality
Lauren Ceaser
How Might We...
help young females build self-worth and self-compassion?

Young girls are affected by many issues as they enter their adolescent years. These pressing issues, such as social media, can cause a plethora of other fundamental issues that ultimately lead to low self-worth and low self-compassion.    Self-worth is defined as a sense of one's own value as a human being. Self-compassion means extending compassion to one's self in instances of perceived inadequacy, failure or general suffering. Research shows that young females can develop and drastically improve their self-worth and self-compassion by being part of a community, an organization or a support network. Many girls, however, face limitations as to what they can participate in, and these limitations restrict young females from improving their self-worth and self-compassion. Like depicted in this systems map, they stay trapped in the centre circle with all of their issues, unable to escape.
Lauren Ceasar

This topic is very near and dear to my heart both as a woman and as a soccer coach for young girls. I’ve seen how a strong sense of community can positively impact young girls’ lives, but I’ve also witnessed how a lack of connection to community can contribute to lower confidence and self-worth. I want to get to the root causes of this issue and do everything I can to solve it one day.