Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Lisa Kozokowsky

How Might We

... help all Canadians understand and permeate the barriers to reconciliation in support of Indigenous societies?



This design challenge identifi es barriers that continue to hinder reconciliation between Indigenous Peoples and other Canadians.

Reconciliation is not a clearly defi ned concept — constructed of many layers and different for everyone. One of the ways to understand reconciliation is to examine what it is not. A concise historical account of Indigenous colonization is required. Far from causing shame or resentment, the goal of this examination of a contextual history is key to awareness, then action — a path forward for all. From this awareness comes the “solutions landscape”.

My hope is to create a framework that immerses participants in this complex history through an anchored, authentic instruction technique. There are many ways to move from estrangement to reconciliation. The challenge will be to determine how motivated we really are to accomplish this momentous task.