Goal 9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Mary Bevan & Briana Goucher

How Might We...

contribute to local economies and reduce wasted resources with innovation in the farming industry?


For many of us living in urban environments, our concept of food production and farming involves large, single-crop landscapes far from our view and separate from our lives. What if this didn’t have to be the reality? Calgarians consume produce every day that has been shipped in large quantities from the United States to Canada -- produce that we have all the resources to grow ourselves. By importing our food, we neglect our own local economies and contribute to wasted resources through the shipping process.


We can broaden our concept of farming to allow more innovative strategies into our agricultural sector for an increasingly inclusive market. By making this change, we empower all types of farmers and enable increasingly effective paths of distribution. Most importantly, we can ensure that Calgarians can make a choice to put their own economy first and support their communities through everyday actions. 


Mary Bevan

My interest in the agriculture industry began with a collection of hobbies that quickly developed into a passionate career plan based on continuous learning. I chose this question to explore how technology and creative thinking can help us adapt to a changing environment and entice sustainable agricultural practices in all levels of community.

Briana Goucher

I’ve always had a close connection to farming and agriculture. It’s a sector that I’m passionate about, and when we were given this project it seemed like a natural step to use farming and agriculture as a solution for current issues in our city -- many of which I’ve seen firsthand.