Goal 13: Climate Action

Mercy Ndabene & Nicole Reyes


How Might We...

identify the barriers that prevent people from acting on climate change?


Climate change is the significant change in regional to global climate patterns. Atmospheric carbon dioxide is attributed to climate change and human activities contribute to rising carbon dioxide levels. There are eight identifiable barriers that prevent people from living a sustainable life: unawareness, denial, information overload, personal and financial stress, beliefs, sense of powerlessness and lifestyle choices.


In order to overcome these barriers, people need to notice the problem of climate change and see it as an emergency. By knowing what to do, deciding how to act and having a sense of responsibility, individuals and businesses will start to feel empowered to make more sustainable choices.

Mercy Ndabene

Sustainability has always been a platform of mine. Addressing this problem has given me an opportunity to educate and entice the masses to take action. If I can inspire even one person to take steps towards living a more sustainable life, that matters.


Nicole Reyes

I chose this topic because I feel there’s an undeniable need to raise awareness about tackling climate change. I think it’s important that we recognize the barriers that prevent us from acting on climate change so that we can overcome them and live a more sustainable life. I believe self-awareness is key and recognizing barriers can be the first step.