we improve sustainability in Canadian cities?

UN GOAL # 11 - sustainable cities & communities

micaela slater

“A Healthy City is a complex adaptive system, constantly changing, flexing and evolving” – Canadian Institute of Planners.


The importance of sustainable and healthy cities to our livelihoods and lifestyles cannot be overstated. As the world continues to urbanize, it is integral to recognize the economic, social, and environmental impact these changes will have on communities and those that live within them. According to the UN, by 2050, two-thirds of the population will be living in urban cities. It is up to stakeholders to transform the way we build and manage our urban spaces.


By examining the barriers to creating healthy cities, we can learn how to approach and implement sustainable changes in our lives. This system map organizes barriers into economic, social, and environmental sectors. There are stakeholder connections and causal relationships between barriers, including some existing only within visualized areas of the system.