Goal 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities
Noordeep Kalsi  
How Might We...

rethink urban planning and infrastructure development processes in Calgary's city core to improve standards of living?


When developing Calgary’s downtown core, there are two major processes that affect the way infrastructure is created: the Centre City Refresh Plan and the current city core infrastructure development.

The Centre City Refresh Plan is primarily focused on external interactions with the public and other stakeholders to understand what the focus should be for future infrastructure development. The current city core infrastructure development focuses on developers implementing current city council goals and ideas with other internal teams. Both of these processes aim to positively impact living standards within the core, which specifically supports living, working, the environment, arts & culture and transportation. Currently, however, the focus is on speeding up timelines in the development community to directly address the economic downturn and large vacancy on a limited budget. As a result, other living standards in the core, such as the environment, transportation and arts & culture, are harder for city developers to focus on in the short-term.

Noordeep Kalsi
Playing with Lego as a child ignited my love for limitless experimentation and creation; it has also helped me develop an appreciation for architecture and urban design. Having travelled to India, the U.K. and Canada’s east coast, I’ve experienced huge structural differences between cities, which has sparked my curiosity to learn more about the importance of specific urban planning guidelines and architectural forms. With this project, I want to explore how Calgary’s city core can become more diverse and unique. I also want to explore how we can improve our current living standards so that individuals can form a deeper connection with the city.