Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Orry Roth

How Might We

... empower food security in the neighbourhood of Manchester, Calgary?



Manchester, Calgary was a strategically established residence for the city’s abattoir, built along the railroad. Outfitted with only a few amenities – a church and school – the community dissolved over the century while the rest of Calgary developed.

Today, dense highrises are the only form of infrastructure being developed in the small, boxed-in community. Rapid housing development has pushed the community beyond its capacity for sustainable living, but is projected to host 300% more bodies in the decades to come.

Currently there are no services in the area: no grocery store, no school, no support services, no community centre. Most buildings exist to support the surrounding industrial park instead.

As a community of accessible housing, there are no resources to meet the various needs of occupants, though many require support. Intervention is essential as more are expected in the near future.