Goal 1: No Poverty

Gina & Paul

How might we foster community for single mothers living in poverty?

Goal 2: Zero Hunger


How might we minimize food insecurity in Calgary?


How might we empower food security in the neighbourhood of Manchester, Calgary?


How might we engage the public in enabling policy changes to address food insecurity in Calgary?

Goal 3: Good Health And Well-being

Natasha & Johanna

How might we make physical accessible for young adults in Calgary?


How might we reduce vaccine hesitancy in society?


How might we champion the appropriate use of antipsychotics for dementia patients in Canada long-term care residences?

Fatima & Ashley

How might we support the mental health of racialized immigrant youth in Canada?


How might we facilitate reduction for those struggling with addiction?

Austin & Dana

How might we encourage the growth of community based mental health support systems to decrease the burden on the health…


How might we explore the benefits of art as a therapeutic means of dealing with situations affecting mental, physical and…


How might we improve the overall happiness and well-being of working Calgarians?

Reilly & Emma

How might we reduce barriers for student athletes in seeking help for issues related to mental well-being?

Emily & Raquel

How might we encourage the growth of community based mental health support systems to decrease the burden on the health…


How might we improve patient care through health information technology in a primary care setting?


How might we create more inclusive environments for individuals who are hard of hearing or deaf?


How might we break down stigmas associated with substance abuse?


How might we bring awareness to and normalize mental health issues for young adults?

Goal 4: Quality Education


How might we change mindsets within the education system around the perception of student failure?

Elise & Shifa

How might we develop an education system that places emphasis on value, deep learning and critical thinking for understanding?

Elle & Mickayla

How might we make Albertan off-reserve schools more safe and enriching for Indigenous youth?

Eman & Erica

How might we educate young adults on the importance and application of soft skill development in order to adapt to…

Goal 5: Gender Equality


How might we reduce stigma and stereotyping for victims of sexual assault?


How might we help young females build self-worth and self-compassion?


How might we increase the awareness of women being abused in society?

Goal 6: Clean Water And Sanitation


How might we create awareness for western Canadians that freshwater could become a limited resource in the near future?


How might we raise awareness about the realities of clean water access within Indigenous communities across Alberta?

Goal 7: Affordable And Clean Energy


How might we better educate Albertans on the facts and impacts of wind energy in the province?


How might we encourage the use of solar energy within households in Alberta?


How might we increase adoption of solar energy products in residential areas around Calgary?

Goal 8: Decent Work And Economic Growth


How might we create a sustainable economic atmosphere for careers in the arts?


How might we discern the impacts of technological displacement on how we work?

Katie & Katy

How might we reduce barriers that youth face in finding employment in Calgary?


How might we engage potential skills and talents individuals with autism may have in the workplace?


How might we help support vulnerable women in obtaining paid work opportunities in Calgary?

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, And Infrastructure

Mary & Briana

How might we contribute to local economies and reduce wasted resources with innovation in the farming industry?


How might we provide real-time education and training for the transitioning workforce displaced by technology?

Lauren P.

How might we better support local engagement in innovative and creative outlets within Calgary’s social framework?

Kyna & Phoebe

How might we support a sustainable creative class in Calgary?

Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities


How might we understand the needs of newcomers beyond the integration services offered in Calgary?

Emma J.

How might we improve inclusivity in urban design practices for Calgary’s rough sleepers?


How might we help all Canadians understand and permeate the barriers to reconciliation in support of Indigenous societies?


How might we educate youth to be empathetic in order to reduce intolerance in society?

Gabrielle & Giustina

How might we increase customer’s feelings of safety on the LRT in Calgary?

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities And Communities


How might we address barriers in order to create an environmental and behavioural shift towards more human-scale cities?


How might we rethink urban planning and infrastructure development processes in Calgary’s city core to improve standards of living?

Sara & Amy

How might we help people embrace cycling as a form of sustainable transportation?

Allison & Julianna

How might we utilize unused spaces to enhance the creative economy for Calgary?

Emma R.

How might we encourage homeless individuals living in Calgary to move towards a more stable life through community initiatives and…

Cooper & Randall

How might we expand the working lifespan of business buildings in the Calgary core?


How might we create safe, collaborative and cross-cultural learning opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students at a university level?


How might we help Calgarians reduce landfill-bound waste?


How might we improve transportation accessibility in the city for people with physical challenges?


How might we clarify food quality labels such as best before dates to be more accurate and useful for consumers?


How might we increase public engagement and consultation to improve unused public spaces in a way that’s inclusive of all…


How might we ensure that Calgarians have the appropriate education to support the City of Calgary’s recycling program?


How might we facilitate the proper use of the City of Calgary composting system?

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption And Production

Elena & Meaghan

How might we empower Canadian stakeholders to better fulfill their roles in phasing out single-use plastics?

Kristina & Katherine

How might we encourage responsible, eco-friendly shopping to reduce the consequences of fast fashion and textile waste?


How might we encourage restaurants to use sustainable waste practices?


How might we reduce household red meat consumption?

Therese B.

How might we educate Mount Royal University students about the importance of waste segregation?


How might we reduce and re-purpose household food waste?


How might we help Calgarians be responsible consumers when it comes to purchasing groceries?

Goal 13: Climate Action


How might we understand how misinformation functions to proactively combat climate change?

Mercy & Nicole

How might we identify the barriers that prevent people from acting on climate change?

Nikoleta & Yves

How might we encourage the growth of community based mental health support systems to decrease the burden on the health…


How might we understand and break through the psychological barriers that prevent society from understanding the seriousness of climate change?

Goal 14: Life Below Water


How might we educate individuals on how to better sustain the trout population in Alberta?

Goal 15: Life On Land


How might we empower the public to coexist with urban coyotes?


How might we implement a better system that eliminates the need for any adoptable animals in Calgary to be euthanized?

Rachel & Brianna

How might we inform the public of the impact of improperly abandoned oil wells in Alberta’s Natural Areas?

Goal 16: Peace, Justice And Strong Institutions


How might we help at-risk youth mitigate the psychosocial factors impacting them in order to lead full and productive lives?


How might we mobilize lived experiences and histories of harm in order to build capacity for restorative justice?


How might we establish social understanding in regards to Indigenous over-representation in the Canadian criminal justice system?

Lucy & Adrienne

How might we bridge the gap between passive and active political participation?

Goal 17: Partnerships