Goal 15: Life On Land

Rachel Ashauer & Brianna Jackson

How Might We

... inform the public of the impact of improperly abandoned oil wells in Alberta’s Natural Areas?



Oil is an integral part of Alberta’s economy; yet hundreds of oil wells are abandoned or orphaned by oil companies every year. These wells have environmental and economic impacts on Albertans. The problem arises when wells are not properly closed up, and are left untreated by companies once they are no longer useful, or are set as inactive for the foreseeable future. Researching online articles and resources, alongside interviewing industry specialists, led to the identification of impacts surrounding improperly abandoned oil wells on natural areas within Alberta.

Thousands of wells sit inactive in the province, waiting to be used again or reclaimed. These wells don’t have as large of an environmental impact as previously thought; rather, it is more disruptive if oil wells are abandoned without proper guidance and adherence to procedures.