Goal 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities

Robyn Pashula

How Might We

... ensure that Calgarians have the appropriate education to support the City of Calgary’s recycling program?



Since the City of Calgary implemented a new city-wide recycling and composting plan, a common experience that Calgarians have is the moment of holding a waste item in their hands and being unsure of which bin to place it in. This moment is the dawning of a psychological and physical system that infl uences how well received and therefore, how effective the plan is. It is in this moment where the City’s plan for waste diversion meets with the human experience, and the user response lands somewhere on the spectrum of ownership or rejection of the system.

The habitual nature of humans is juxtaposed by our ability to learn to adapt to systems. However, questions such as, “What is the value of recycling?” and “How do I properly separate my waste?” continue to knock on the door of the City to offer clarity and on the heart of human values and ethics to take responsibility for environmental sustainability.