Goal 5: Gender Equality 

Rosey Eason

How Might We...

reduce stigma and stereotyping for victims of sexual assault? 


Sexual assault is an issue that sadly is, and always has been, prevalent in society; it’s an issue that affects one in three Canadian women and one in six Canadian men. 


For my systems map, I thought it was important to incorporate a few different systems that interact with each other and feed into the systemic issues of social gender roles, victimization and the patriarchy. From my research, these three societal norms are the ones most prevalent in normalizing sexual assault in society. I gained further insight by interviewing nurses, criminal justice experts, advocates, lawyers, social workers and professors whose work is dedicated to this subject. I hope to clearly identify the gaps within this system so that more resilient and powerful solutions can be created in the future.

Rosey Eason

Passion drives every project I get involved in. When it comes to the topic of women’s rights and supporting survivors of sexual assault, my passion has no end. This project has led me to have inspiring conversations and has opened up a new way of thinking and approaching this subject. My hope is that my work with this topic inspires others to become better allies for survivors, thus creating a safer campus for everyone.