Sam Austen

Amira Isreali

Unveiling the undervaluation of art and culture, hindered by systemic barriers like limited education access and industry competition, prompts inquiries into the purpose of art and its role in enhancing the human experience.

Visualizing the Problem

Art and culture, intricately woven into our social fabric, serve as foundational pillars for reflection, connection, and expression yet, despite their profound significance, these realms often find themselves among the most undervalued and under-supported sectors.


Why does an appreciation of the arts not manifest support in terms of funding and resources akin to other industries? To answer this question, it is essential to explore the systemic barriers that impede the recognition and backing of the arts. Artists grapple with various challenges, such as limited access to educational programs and resources, navigating the demands of Alberta’s rigorous work culture while pursuing creative endeavours, and competing for resources and support against other industries.


Ultimately, this raises philosophical questions about the essence of the good life– what is the purpose of art beyond simple aesthetic appreciation and how would the absence of artistic expression affect the richness of human experience