Goal 4: Quality Education
Therese Frederick
How Might We...
change mindsets within the education system around the perception of student failure?


Being in a family full of educators, I’ve noticed how education has changed dramatically over the years; not only has the curriculum been altered, but student stress has increased.


I find that kids today are scared to fail, and I wanted to investigate why. After speaking with a number of professionals, I discovered that perhaps the entire education system is to blame. The education system is made up of government, teachers and parents. Each component has different expectations for students and a unique view on what education should look like. The pressure to do well in the eyes of each component brings excessive stress to students. This results in arbitrary standards, declining resilience and mental health issues. Ultimately, I want to bring attention to the individuals in charge of a child’s education; the ones who might be bringing children more stress than success.

Therese Frederick
Being in school for over half of my life has formed who I am today. My successes and failures taught me a lot about how to accept different obstacles; however, I’ve noticed  that kids these days are scared to fail and, therefore, scared to try. I want to know why this is and discover how we can get these students to be accepting and unafraid to fail.